Our Mission

We are students, educators, families and other community members who are deeply tied to the neighborhoods of Boston and directly affected by public education. We are committed to building a stronger, and better public school system, that is driven by our youth and community voices. By engaging all communities in Boston and building power through unity, the coalition hopes to hold our elected and appointed officials accountable to the actual needs and desires of the communities served by Boston Public Schools.

Principles That Unite Us


To learn more about our principles, please visit our Principles That Unite Us page.

Boston Truth is dedicated to:

  • expanding our coalition by welcoming organizations and individual members who share our principles and support the mission;
  • ensuring educational justice throughout the city;
  • empowering our members by consolidating knowledge, expertise and skills;
  • leadership development of all members;
  • combining our institutional knowledge;
  • sharing comprehensive information, data, and details to truthfully educate all interested parties; and,
  • engaging residents, organizations, district, city, state and federal officials to share our collective vision for strengthening public education.

The Boston Truth

In order for Boston to have a solid and successful future, we must have strong public education. Right now Boston is in the midst of numerous changes:

  • Electing a new Mayor and several new City Council members;
  • Searching for a new Superintendent; and,
  • Implementing new organizational and assignment policies.

All of the above will have an immediate and possibly turbulent impact on the district. Amidst these changes, we must also continue to address the issues which are consistent: the need to improve our underperforming schools, closing access and achievement gaps, and increasing our graduation rates.

We are the stakeholders of Boston. We are invested in the success of all of our students, families, communities, schools, neighborhoods, businesses and the city. Our experiences as students, families, educators, advocates and community partners bring the necessary insight, knowledge, dedication, skills and expertise which will stengthen our schools and the city.